Unleashing my Creativity

Outside of my 9-5 as a business development and sustainability professional, you will typically find me with my camera and drone, capturing outdoor landscapes, beautiful people, and meaningful moments. I love telling visual stories that inspire awe, evoke emotion, and inspire respect for both the grandest and simplest elements of nature and the human experience. Art keeps me charged.

A special highlight from my young creative journey was last month’s RAW San Francisco “REFLECT” artist showcase, where I displayed and sold several of my landscape prints born in my San Francisco backyard as well as through my travels to Chicago, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and beyond. Headed into this show, I was beyond nervous! I had only been shooting with my entry-level DSLR camera for a year at this point and my work was being shown beside professional photographers with a lifetime of experience. However, I was so encouraged and pleased by the viewer’s resoundingly positive reactions to my photos. They appreciated the simplicity and originality of my work, but most importantly the story and emotion behind each piece I showcased. Through this experience, I learned to trust my art and embrace the abstract, unpredictable nature of preparing for such an event. This led to greater belief, confidence and a fulfilling experience overall. Here’s a quick recap video (shot and produced by @realsoletunes) that captures the essence of that evening.

I come to life during photo shoots as my clients exclaim at the images that will soon be used to activate their personal brands. I am grateful for the opportunity to use my camera tell their stories and highlight their brilliance. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from recent shoots:

Nothing compares to the thrill of sending an expensive piece of machinery hundreds of feet in the air over unforgiving ocean. The risk is always worth it! Flying the drone gives such intoxicating perspective, revealing unrealized symmetries and patterns. I enjoy presenting drone videos in cinematic fashion, encouraging reflection and appreciation for the Earth’s natural beauty. Here are a few of my recent drone videos from Davenport, CA and Lake Tahoe, CA:

For the longest time, I was afraid to acknowledge myself as a creative. I believed that doing so would be a forsaking of what I had built in my career thus far. This was because I have spent most of my life in the STEM space and resultingly looked through a very narrow lens of what a creative actually was. My mind took me immediately to the a messy-haired, struggling artist wandering the streets of Paris in search of artifacts for an abstract sculpture or an exquisitely-dressed museum curator touring aficionados through an expensive gallery, glass of red wine tilted in hand.

But over time, I began recognizing the stylistic uniqueness of my writing tone, speaking voice, and photographic and cinematographic eye as distinctive expressions of art.  

This realization unleashed me to seek and exercise deeper forms of creativity.

I’d love for you to follow my creative journey on Instagram. Don't hesitate to reach out and say hello, or to inquire about working together. Let's create something special!