i can help you land your dream job.

Over the past five years, I have helped students and professionals across the country craft resumes, cover letters, and personal branding materials that reflect their talent, strengths, passion and ingenuity. I am motivated to equip students and professionals with the guidance needed to unlock the power of their personal brand, distinguish themselves from the crowds, demand the attention of recruiters and step into their dream careers.

Before I even had the opportunity to meet Jarami, he was a role model that I used as a guideline for my career path. Upon meeting him, he exceeded my expectations and became genuinely involved with my professional development. Quickly transcending from role model to mentor, Jarami became an active point of contact during my resume building and job interviews. His personal and professional knowledge of the sustainability field helped me craft my applications to land the position I am in today. His experience and diverse skill set allowed me to evaluate what I needed to improve on to be successful in the job market.
— Nick L
Jarami is a writing extraordinaire! He turned my semi-convincing personal statement into an impeccable and persuasive writing piece that contributed to my acceptance to graduate school! When I received my first draft back, I expected him to correct my grammatical errors and give a sentence suggestion or two; but he was so much more thorough than that! Jarami went paragraph by paragraph and gave suggestive feedback on what he believed the personal statement needed. Whether you are job searching and/or applying to college, if you need help with your professional writing skills Jarami is the RIGHT one to call!
— Jessica V
Jarami’s professional expertise helped me stand out from the rest and receive several offers from the jobs I applied for.
— Danielle F
I received a call for an interview within a week of working with Jarami. I would highly recommend his services as he is speedy yet thorough and tailors your resume and cover letter to your specific needs.
— Danielle C
He is a very easy person to work with. He listens, he absorbs, and he communicates effectively the information you need to know.
— Greg W
Less than two weeks after registering for Jarami’s coaching services, I had a new and improved resume and LinkedIn account blossoming with new connections and a number of companies viewing my profile.
— Devin M
You made my resume look AMAZING! The best choice I made while job searching was coming to you.
— Nida A


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