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June 1st, 2018

Hi Corey,

With the utmost enthusiasm, I am expressing my interest in the Project Manager, Diversity and Inclusion role with LS&Co.  If you’re looking for a ­­­­­high-performing leader with the ability to create programs that cultivate healthy, vibrant company culture, I just might be the candidate for you.

Currently, I serve as the Sustainability Strategy Manager at Interface, Inc. where I am responsible for customer engagement, sales support and strategy, as well as new-hire training. Upon joining the company, I recognized a lack of diversity and viewed it as an opportunity to take initiative and provide new perspective to business executives. Over the past two years, my advocacy evolved into the opportunity to help craft, develop, and deploy D&I strategy within the Americas business.

Here are a few things I have learned about transforming organizational culture with D&I:

  • Celebrate vulnerability by creating safe spaces for people to share and embrace each other’s stories and experiences.
  • Take action by developing intentional, targeted initiatives spaces that enhance employee experience and increase cultural competency.
  • Prioritize inclusion by creating an environment in which people of all backgrounds have room to comfortably express elements of their culture. Missing out on this can lead to rich, but disconnected silos.
  • Empower people managers to become D&I champions through providing voluntary opportunities for them to lead external recruitment and internal mentoring efforts

Throughout several roles, I have shown the ability to master challenging concepts quickly, effectively use my keen interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence in team settings, work with integrity and initiative, and efficiently produce high-quality results. I am also adept in the areas of written communication and public speaking (storytelling is my favorite oral tool), team building, as well as project management.

Here are a few places that I have shared my perspectives on D&I in public forums:

-       Net Impact Business + Racial Justice Webinar (netimpact.org)

-       Why Diversity is the Key to Unlocking Sustainability Article (GreenBiz.com)

-       Diversity in the Driver’s Seat Podcast (GreenBiz.com)

At your convenience, please check out the rest of my website to get to know me a little better. I’d love to find time to chat soon.


Jarami D. Bond


  • Leads a collaborative effort with Human Resources and the executive leadership team to develop fresh vision and strategy for Diversity & Inclusion, including the exploration of internal and market-facing communication campaigns, culture-building and ERG programs, as well as community outreach initiatives
  • Cultivates authentic company culture and connectivity to company values and mission by planning and executing employee engagement and education programs for 1000+ global associates
  • Facilitates training and new-hire onboarding for 2000+ global employees via in-person workshops, webinars, podcasts, video, and other communication mediums

Some things that make me a great fit:

  • Strong work ethic and commitment to excellence, integrity, and initiative.
  • Keen emotional intelligence that allows me to connect and build trust, authentically. 
  • Refined written and oral communication skills; storytelling is my favorite public speaking tool!
  • Harmony, empathy, includer are my top Gallup strengths. I exist to serve and enhance the lives of people.
  • Insatiable desire to help those around me succeed and achieve their goals