"Jarami Bond has the ability to explain complex issues in a way that is both easy to follow and highly educational. His presentation on envisioning equity through the lens of sustainability was exceedingly engaging and thought provoking. Jarami presents with the confidence and passion of someone who is deeply knowledgeable on their subject matter and who is determined to make a positive impact. In addition to his skills as an orator, Jarami is a pleasure to work with. He is organized and accommodating, and his positive attitude is contagious."

Greg Dobbelsteyn
Sustainability Student Summit Coordinator
University of Alberta

"I had the pleasure of attending a presentation offered by Jarami Bond of Interface, Inc. as he spoke to a captive UNC Charlotte student audience on the topics of environmental impact, sustainability and leveraging your career-related passions. Within the first few minutes of his discussion, the enthusiasm that Jarami has for inspiring and educating young adult minds was wildly evident. As a Career Advisor for the university, I personally got excited as he connected his personal journey to that of the career development process that a student typically takes; offering tips and strategies for networking and using your personal and professional connections.  I am confident that Jarami left a lasting impact and impression on our students through his contagious passion for sustainability and career development. He is a gifted speaker with the ability to open doors of opportunity and knowledge."

Rachel Wages
Assistant Director of Career Education

"Jarami was a joy to work with...from start to finish!  He was so responsive and engaged throughout the entire planning process which made his trip to us that much better.  I think having the connection prior to the speaking engagement helped both sides feel prepared and confident in the expectations of the visit.  Jarami was able to engage with all participants - from high school students to staff/faculty - making each person feel welcomed and valued.  His enthusiasm and passion for inclusion and sustainability made for a far reaching, and I believe, impactful experience for those present at the various sessions.  I would welcome the chance to work with Jarami in the future!"  

Dr. Shaefny Grays
Director for Community for Diversity, CNR
NC State University

"Jarami has a clear understanding and commitment to sustainability and educating the next generation on issues related to sustainability and social equity.  His lectures on these issues inspire and encourage students to follow their passion within Environmental Sciences and sustainability.  In the short time since graduation, he has accomplished and inspired so many colleagues and students."

Erin Champion
Academic Coordinator, Department of Forestry
NC State University