Jarami engages the next generation of global change agents in the cultivation of a healthier planet and more equitable society.  Over the past 7 years, Jarami has served as a guest speaker, lecturer, and panelist for 700+ college and high school students and faculty with intention to equip, inspire, and educate.

  • Finding & Thriving in a Purpose-Driven Career
  • Transforming Business through the Power of Diversity
  • Sustainable Business as a Force for Good


Jarami Bond has the ability to explain complex issues in a way that is both easy to follow and highly educational. His presentation was exceedingly engaging and thought provoking. Jarami presents with the confidence and passion of someone who is deeply knowledgeable.

Greg Dobbelsteyn
Sustainability Student Summit Coordinator
University of Alberta

The enthusiasm that Jarami has for inspiring and educating young adult minds was wildly evident. I am confident that Jarami left a lasting impact and impression on our students through his contagious passion. He is a gifted speaker with the ability to open doors of opportunity and knowledge.

Rachel Wages
Assistant Director of Career Education
Jarami was able to engage all participants, making each person feel welcomed and valued. His enthusiasm and passion made for a far reaching, impactful experience for those present.

Dr. Shaefny Grays
Director for Community for Diversity, CNR
NC State University

Jarami’s lectures inspire and encourage students to follow their passion. In the short time since graduation, he has accomplished and inspired so many colleagues and students.

Erin Champion
Academic Coordinator, Department of Forestry
NC State University